Dolmar Chainsaw Review

If you’re going for a reputable brand when buying a chainsaw, just like any other kind of power tools, it’s hard to go wrong with Dolmar. Dolmar have been around for years, and they have a strong presence. If you think of connecting them with Makita – you can, as Makita have been selling rebranded Dolmar chainsaws for a while now. In case you’re looking for a Dolmar chainsaw review that will help you choose one, read on to see three different products from them that can do a lot. You might run into competitive chain saws on the market. Products from Husqvarna, Poulan, Ryobi are always there, but Dolmar maintains an edge in a few key areas.

Dolmar PS-460C

dolmar chainsaw review ps-460c

The PS-460C is a mid-size saw. If you’re looking for a good value, excellent endurance and easy maintenance, the PS-460C is a great choice. The saw has a 45.6cc engine, which outputs 3 horsepower. This is enough for multiple use scenarios. The chain saw weighs 5.5kg, and you’ll be able to carry it around with ease. The included vibration damping will make sure your hands don’t hurt after usage. There are also Husky and Stihl competitive products, but they’re much more expensive. This gives an edge to Dolmar, even though it lacks one or two things.

As far as performance goes, it is stellar. As soon as you start it, you will find instant throttle response. The acceleration is very fast as well. It maintains RPM, even in hard and dry wood. There is a very broad torque curve. This makes it a very stable tool, which behaves well. It’s extremely easy to use as well – it makes it fun and you’ll be eager to go to the next cut. It has a predictable behavior, and won’t surprise you unexpectedly.

You will also get class-leading fuel efficiency, as well as an excellent automatic lubrication system. The filter’s seal is good enough. You won’t have to clean it from debris all the time, which is amazing. If this isn’t your cup of tea, read on through this Dolmar chainsaw review for two more options.

Dolmar PS-35C

dolmar ps-35c chainsaw

The Dolmar PS-35C is the smaller, 35cc brother of the PS-460C. It also outputs 2.3 horsepower, which is less than the PS-460C. It is suitable for less demanding uses. It’s also a little lighter at 4.4kg. This is something you will appreciate. A lighter chainsaw is much easier to take with you. It also has an anti vibration system. It comes with an automatic oil pump and catalytic converter as well. As far as chainsaw bars go, there are two choices. 14 inch and 16 inch guide bars both work.

Performance is great with the smaller option as well. When you factor in the weight and price, it cuts very well. Many owners consider it to be a very underappreciated saw. It comes with the Easy Start technology. This gives it a spring assisted starter, which combines with the engine management, and makes for a very significant reduction in resistance. The one lever control is also great. There are positions for cold start, stop and operation. Just a touch is enough to shut the engine off.

As far as extras go, you do get automatic lubrication, memory-power-ignition technology etc. The fuel tank has 0.4L capacity, which should be sufficient. There’s one more option at the end of this Dolmar chainsaw review, though, so if these two aren’t good enough, that might be the one.

Dolmar PS-7310

ps-7310 dolmar chainsaw

This is the big bad cordless professional tool. The PS-7310 has 72.6cc, which is excellent for heavy users and professionals. Consequently, this is the target market for the saw. The peak output is 5.4hp, which makes it much more powerful than the competition. Given that it’s made for professionals, this is no surprise. It also weighs 6.7kg. This is a relatively small weight for what you’re getting. It accepts saw chain guide bars from 20 inch to 32 inch long. This gives it a lot of flexibility. The engine peaks at 12,800 RPM, which is plenty.

Performance is on point, and you will get much power, especially at a high torque. The performance is also improved with the optimum chip flow through, decompression valve and adjustable oil pump. The SLR technology ensures low emissions and 15% less fuel consumption.

You do get a few extras, such as vibration damping and an automatic oil pump, which are welcomed. There’s also tool-less filter maintenance. This guarantees that you can keep it running well without any hassle.

At this power and price point, some would recommend Husqvarna chainsaws, or even Stihl chainsaws. However, Dolmar offer much more for the money. This is why they’re the better choice as far as a cordless chainsaw goes.

Finishing up the reviews

If you’ve read through this Dolmar chainsaw review, you now have three options, all aimed at different users. Make your pick and see which one works best for you.