Husqvarna 236 Review

Buying an entry level chain saw can be a tedious task. The market is so overwhelmed that you can easily get confused and make a mistake. Brands such as Stihl, Poulan, Mcculloch and Makita offer a lot of options. However, there are certainly exceptions. Products that you can mistake for more expensive ones. Products that offer more bang for your buck than the competition. One such product is Husqvarna’s 236. What makes it so good? Who is it for? Read on through this Husqvarna 236 review to find out. You might be getting one sooner than you think.

husqvarna 236 review

What is it for?

Given that it only has 38.2cc, it is best suited for lightweight tasks. Pruning or felling small trees is not a challenge. You could also cut firewood if that’s your choice. It weighs a mere 4.7kg, which makes it great for carrying around. For the average homeowner, it is more than enough.

Specifications of this Husqvarna chainsaw

As mentioned before, the 236 has a 38.2cc, small engine, which outputs 1.9hp. This is enough for a compact chainsaw. There’s a 14 inch bar, which does the job this tool is meant for. You could go anywhere between 13 inch and 16 inch with chainsaw bars, though. An 18 inch one is already too much. The performance is what makes it so good. It is very capable, and as long as you stay within the limits of what it was made for. The engine goes up to 9000 RPM, which is plenty. There’s a 0.3L fuel tank, enough for the home gardener’s day. It also has an ergonomic design, which sets it a bar above others in terms of comfort.

This is a very capable machine, and one that everyone can use with confidence. You get professional-grade performance, yet it is very easy to use. It has user-friendly features, and there’s a very small chance of a mishap. Just avoid overreaching, and get a good grip, and you’ll be fine.

The fuel pump is very easy to start. The starter cord boasts 40% less resistance than other competitors. The choke/stop control will make sure the engine doesn’t flood. Vibration is also very mild. Emissions are reduced by 75%. How? With the X-Torque technology, which also improves fuel consumption. There’s another advantage in the centrifugal air cleaning system. This keeps more debris out than other systems, and you’ll come to appreciate that.

Pros and cons

This Husqvarna 236 review wouldn’t be complete if there’s no mention about the pros and cons. This lets you weigh everything and see whether it’s worth it for you.


  • At only 4.7kg, it’s lighter than competitive products made for the same purpose
  • The engine has very low emissions. This is great for anyone who is eco-conscious
  • You can easily find plenty of spare chainsaw parts for the Husqvarna 236
  • The LowVib anti vibration design makes sure there is very little vibration felt in the handle
  • An ergonomic design is always welcome with power tools
  • There is an automatic lubrication system which chain oil without you worrying about it
  • The chain can be installed and tightened without any tools, which is extremely convenient


  • The weight means you can easily mistake it for some cheap power tool – but it is not
  • Anything thicker than 12 inches will be causing problems for the 236

Final words for this Husqvarna 236 review

If you want something for your garden, by all means go for it. It is great for less demanding situations, and will last you for ages. You can even use it as a hedge trimmer – it is completely up to you. This Husqvarna chain saw is an excellent choice.