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Efco MT4100SP Timberpro 62cc 20″ Husqvarna 236
Efco Chainsaw Review
Timberpro Chainsaw Review Husqvarna Chainsaw Review
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Engine displacement 39cc 62cc 41cc
Blade Length 16″ (41cm) 20″ (50.8cm) 14″ (35cm)
Weight 15.5lbs (7kg) 15.43lbs (7kg) 10.3lbs (4.7kg)
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Timberpro Chainsaw Review

Whether you want to completely cut through a tree, or just trim the hedge, chainsaws are a great thing. Are you looking to add a not very expensive, yet well-made and high-performance chainsaw? The TimberPro CS-6150 is tough to beat. It isn’t an electric chainsaw, but a petrol one instead. You will find it suitable for both professionals and DIY beginners as well. It will get any job done with minimal hassle. Read on for a full Timberpro chainsaw review if you’re interested.

Timberpro Chainsaw Review

The 62cc, air-cooled, two-stroke engine is just enough. You will get a lot of bang for your buck with the features it comes with. There are many competitive products from well-known brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna and Makita. However, TimberPro have taken a different approach here, and went for adding plenty of functionality and ensuring high performance. And all at a price which is far from premium.

Specifications of the Timberpro

The TimberPro CS-6150 is a cordless chainsaw with a 50cm (20 inch) blade. This length makes it ideal for both conventional lumber or timber chopping, as well as small gardening projects, such as cutting and trimming those branches and hedges that have been bothering you for so long. It performs well, whether you’re cutting down small trees or large trees – it doesn’t seem to see the difference. Having a cordless chainsaw, as opposed to a corded one, is great, since you don’t have to carry around a bunch of extension cords with you, and you can take it wherever you please.

You’ll be pleased to find an automated lubrication system, which keeps your chainsaw chain lubed at all times. This both maintains the health of the chain itself, and saves you from having to think about doing it yourself all the time, thus minimizing the hassle, as well as the downtime.

Timberpro Full Packaging

To keep the chain tensioned, there’s a chain tensioner on the side of the saw. Since unlike electric chainsaws, many petrol devices have start-up problems, the TimberPro has a Mechanism Assisted Starting System. What this does is it makes it simple to use and operate. The weight of 7 kg is well justified with the sturdiness, as well as the design, and these things also guarantee that it will still be stable and effective a while later. This is a concern with many competitive products, since they tend to fail after a while, and this is something that won’t happen with this chainsaw.

Pros and cons of the Timberpro Chainsaw we reviewed

Since this should be a complete TimberPro chainsaw review, it is worth mentioning the pros and cons of this chainsaw. This gives you a complete image of what you’re getting, and what you might be sacrificing.


  • The performance is incredible – this chainsaw does a lot of things, and does them with ease
  • You will be able to cut logs and trees with minimal effort, which is something you’ll come to appreciate after a short time
  • The automatic chain oiler system is something that should be a standard thing with any chainsaw. Not having to think about it all the time is great, and preserves the saw chain for longer periods of time. There’s enough chain oil inside for a while, so you don’t have to worry about it much
  • The Mechanism Assisted Starting System is excellent. It solves one of the major problems with multiple petrol devices, which is the start-up process
  • Buying this chainsaw nets you an accessory kit, which has things such as extra chains, a toolkit and a bag
  • You get a two-year warranty, which the chainsaw will undoubtedly outlast


  • If the weather is cold, the start-up process might be a little slow. However, after a few consequent pulls it will start great
  • Attaching the chain is somewhat more complicated than other products

Final verdict regarding this chainsaw

Reading through this TimberPro chainsaw review, you will find that the TimberPro CS-6150 has everything. From small tasks to large ones, and from domestic use, to professional one. There are 3.4 horsepower on this model, which is a lot. It ensures that you don’t have to wait for the weather to warm up before you start up your gardening project.

You will also be happy to find that TimberPro actually cares about their customers. How, you may ask? By including things such as a fuel mixing bottle in the pack, or the chains and toolkit that come with it, as well as the two-year warranty. This gives you a peace of mind, which is a welcome addition to any tool. You’ll be able to cut down the branches that are bothering you. And, you can even use it as a hedge trimmer if that’s what you need.